Health Science 1

Health Science I Course Description

Health Science I Course Description

Health Science I  HPE0901


Students obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy and informed decisions regarding

their personal health and wellness as they:

  • explore concepts related to health and wellness, including personal health assessments, teen health issues, wellness and the development of a healthy lifestyle
  • demonstrate healthy life skills (goal-setting, communication skills, refusal skills conflict resolution skills, advocacy)
  • explore the concepts of healthy nutrition (food pyramid, personal diet analysis, weight management, eating disorders)
  • increase knowledge of substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs)
  • determine the risks and consequences of substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs) through participation in a in a classroom court case involving drinking and driving
  • understand the definition, prevention, management and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • increase knowledge of the definition, symptoms, treatment and emergency treatment for asthma
  • explore human sexuality (reproductive systems, pregnancy, childbirth, teen pregnancy and parenting, abstinence and contraceptive issues, and reasons to choose abstinence; types, prevention, testing and treatment of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV, AIDS)  (i.e. warm-up, cool-down, target heart rate, etc.)
  • explore family relationships (change and the family-death, divorce, moving, custody, remarriage;

dealing with family crisis, support systems-counseling, community education, social services, etc)




9, 10



Graduation Requirements