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Focused Instruction
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Focused Instruction
Focused Instruction

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Focused Instruction, sometimes called aligned or managed instruction, is simply good teaching and learning.  It aligns what we teach with how we teach and what we assess in a continuous cycle. 

The most effective teachers in Minneapolis Public Schools already engage in Focused Instruction every day, and the impact on student learning is undeniable.  Our work is to develop the necessary tools and systems for Focused Instruction to become standard practice in every classroom.

Why is Focused Instruction right for Minneapolis Public Schools?

  • Focused Instruction is about improving equity.
    MPS is committed to raising the achievement of all students while simultaneously closing the opportunity and achievement gap.

  • Focused Instruction supports principals and teachers as instructional leaders.
    Focused Instruction provides the systems, tools and professional development staff need to deliver an exceptional learning experience for every student.

  • Focused Instruction transforms educational outcomes.
    The system has a proven track record of improving achievement in diverse urban districts such as Houston, Boston, Long Beach, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC.

  • Focused Instruction can be tailored to meet the needs of the students here in Minneapolis.
    Our plan for Focused Instruction will draw upon best practices and lessons learned in other districts. It will also call upon leaders from within MPS to identify and replicate effective strategies from our own schools.

What will Focused Instruction look like in MPS?

MPS will work in close collaboration with teachers, school leaders, students and families to build the infrastructure needed to support Focused Instruction.  MPS has created:

  • Online curriculum guides for every content area and grade level to provide a foundation for good planning
  • Benchmark assessments at the end of each unit to show whether or not each student has mastered essential knowledge and skills
  • Targeted professional development to equip every principal and teacher with the skills and training they need to improve learning outcomes for all students
  • Student data systems to track, analyze, and report on assessment results, interventions, and participation in special programs
  • Common interventions that define what teachers should do when students are far below or far above expected ability for their grade level