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Since 2012-13, MPS has worked closely with exceptional teachers to build tools and systems which support Focused Instruction. These include online curriculum guides and common benchmark/interim assessments for nearly all courses the district offers in grades K-12.

The purpose of this work is to ensure consistency in the curriculum across MPS. After all, while programs and learning materials may vary from school to school, the quality of the learning experience should not. The online curriculum guides provide a consistent foundation for teachers in all schools to use in planning their units and lessons.

A major benefit of Focused Instruction is that it provides more opportunity for parents to connect with teachers and administrators about their children’s experience in school. One tool in particular, called the Year-at-a-glance (YAG) or Course-at-a-glance (CAG), will provide teachers and parents with a common language to use in discussing student progress. Another set of tools, called parent curriculum guides, outline general expectations for learning in each grade.

Using YAGs and CAGs
The YAG or CAG serves as the master roadmap to organizing all "learning targets" for a class into a year-long sequence. These documents also outline all knowledge and skills that students are expected to master in a given course or grade. Both provide an overview of the units that will be covered in the first and second semester, and under each unit overview, all major learning targets appear along with the Minnesota state standards.

We encourage parents to use the YAG or CAG as a conversation starter with teachers about students’ progress. While the exact pacing or order of units may sometimes differ from school to school, the knowledge and skills that students are required to master should not. The YAG and CAG empower parents to have more in-depth conversations about where their students stand and how parents can help their children prepare to meet or exceed rigorous standards for achievement in all areas.

Explore the YAG and CAG maps by using the links below. 



Kindergarten: Dance | Literacy | Math | Media | Music | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 1: Dance | Literacy | Math | Music | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 2: Dance | General Music | Literacy | Math | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 3Dance | Literacy/Reading | Literacy/Writing | Math | MusicPhysical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 4Dance | General Music | Instrumental Music/Band | Instrumental Music/Strings | Literacy/Reading | Literacy/Writing | Math | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 5 Dance | General Music | LiteracyMath | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts

Grade 6Dance | English | Health | Math | Media |  Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts | Vocal Music

Grade 7Dance | English | Health |  Math | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Visual Arts | Vocal Music

Grade 8:  Dance | English | Health | Physical Education | Science | Social Studies | Math Algebra 8 | Visual Arts

Grade 9: African American History | BiologyDance | English | Human Geography | Intermediate Algebra | Media | Physical Science Physics | Theater | Visual Arts

Grade 10: Chemistry | English | Geometry | Instrumental Music | Social Studies | Theater Level 2 | Painting 1 | Vocal Music

Grade 11/12: Advanced Algebra | Biology 2 | Physics 2 | Grade 11 Social Studies | Economics | Government

Telescoped Math: Telescoped 4-5 | Telescoped 5-6 | Telescoped 7-Algebra 8Telescoped Algebra 8-Intermediate Algebra

Middle School Arts: Media Arts

High School PE and Health: Fitness for Life I and II | Health Sciences I and II

High School Arts: Drawing I | Ceramics 1

World Languages: Middle Grades Year 1 | Middle Grades Year 2 | French 1 | Spanish 1 | French Level 2



Kínder: Lectura y Escritura | Matemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 1: Matemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 2: Matemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 3: Alfabetización/LecturaAlfabetización/EscrituraMatemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 4Matemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 5: Matemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 6: Artes del lenguaje en inglesMatemáticas | Ciencia | Estudios sociales

Grado 9: Álgebra | Biología | Artes del lenguaje en inglesFísicaEstudios sociales



Kindergarten: Aqoon Asaasiya | Xisaabta | Saynis | Barashada Armiha Bulshada

Fasalka 3: Xisaabta | Saynis | Barashad Armiha Bulshada

Fasalka 6: Luuqada Ingiriisada | Xisaabta | Saynis

Fasalka 9: Fisikis | Barashad Armiha Bulshada



Kindergarten: Lej | Science | Social Studies

Qib 3: Nyeem NtawvSau NtawvLej | Science | Social Studies

Qib 6: English Language Arts

Qib 9: Lej | Biology | English Language Arts | Physics | Social Studies