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Academic Standards
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Academic Standards

Academic Standards
The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards are the statewide expectations for student learning in K-12 public schools. All students, including students with unique learning needs, must meet the credit requirements and satisfactorily complete all state and local standards to graduate. The standards are satisfactorily completed through the demonstration of grade-level knowledge and skills in the benchmarks. Each content area of academic standards is reviewed and revised on a 10-year timeline set by the Minnesota legislature.
Minneapolis Public Schools determine how our students will meet the standards and benchmarks by developing courses, curriculum and instruction.
Academic standards are important because they:
  • Prepare students for success in careers, college and civic life.
  • Work toward equity by describing the knowledge and skills that all students across the state must learn and by supporting a well-rounded education for all.
  • Define state requirements for graduation.
  • Guide school districts’ and charter schools’ adoption and design of curricula. 
  • Describe how learning progresses from kindergarten to high school.