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Literacy Framework
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Literacy Framework

Literacy Framework

Birth to Adult Literacy Framework

Our mission at Minneapolis Public Schools is to ensure that all students learn. We support their growth into knowledgeable, skilled and confident citizens capable of succeeding in their work, personal, family and community lives into the 21st century. 

At MPS, white learners are comparable to national averages in reading while BIPOC learners continue to fall behind, starting in kindergarten. Nationally, statewide and specifically in MPS, the achievement gap between white and BIPOC students continues to widen as we fail to meet the instructional needs of our BIPOC learners and families. The urgency to change what we do and how we do it is our call to action. 

The MPS Birth to Adult Literacy Framework was developed to state clearly MPS's mission, vision, values and beliefs around literacy with the end goal of increasing the achievement of all learners, specifically our BIPOC learners in all areas of literacy: reading, writing and listening, speaking, viewing and the exchanging of ideas. The framework identifies evidence-based instructional strategies, high quality instructional materials and culturally responsive practices as levers of change.

The MPS Birth to Adult Literacy Framework's executive summary provides an overview of the main components of the framework. It outlines the key points of the framework as well as guiding the Draft MPS Birth to Adult Literacy Action Plan. The draft plan identifies a multi-year plan for operationalizing the framework as well as including an implementation timeline for birth to adult literacy improvement.


Through a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), MPS is implementing a new literacy framework in fall 2021 that will dismantle the systemic racism and classism of literacy instruction in the District in order to better serve ALL students.
Framework vision: MPS will affirm and cultivate learners’ language and literacy development centering identity, joy, and critical thinking.
Framework mission: Our mission is to ensure that all learners from birth to adulthood are empowered, inspired, and engaged participants in multicultural local and global societies. We prioritize language development and literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and exchanging ideas) through culturally-sustaining curriculum and instruction to achieve equitable educational outcomes in our communities.
Framework student outcomes
  • Read, write and comprehend texts at grade-level or higher.
  • Engage in authentic literacy practices that cultivate multifaceted identities, criticality, intellect, skills, and joy.
  • Be partners in their literacy education and view literacy as a path to social change and equity.
  • Find liberation and agency as fluent readers, writers and speakers.
Framework commitment to families
  • To know their learners’ literacy strengths and areas for continued growth and can support their learners’ development.
  • To see themselves as partners in literacy through co-creation of learning and oversight in decision-making.
  • To see their identities, cultures, and languages are honored and embedded in student literacy learning. 
  • To perceive school communication as positive, ongoing, and accessible.