Mathematics Framework

Mathematics Vision

MPS graduates can choose to use a mathematical lens to understand problems they encounter in their lives and their work.   
Because of the powerful mathematical problem solving skills of our graduates and the diverse perspectives they bring,  Minneapolis and St. Paul will be recognized as a global leader in developing effective solutions to the world’s problems.

What do We Value and Believe about Mathematics in MPS?

  • We value conceptual understanding  
  • We value thinking and reasoning
  • We believe conceptual understanding, thinking, and reasoning lead to increased procedural fluency and problem solving flexibility

Because of These Values and Beliefs...

  • We believe in a Launch, Explore, Summarize model of inquiry focused instruction
  • We believe that students need to engage in cognitively demanding tasks
  • We believe teachers must spend more time questioning and less time showing and telling
  • We believe that students should engage in daily academic conversations through effective math discourse