Specialist Framework

Specialist Framework

We will continue to provide collaborative professional development for the following positions: Math Specialists, Literacy Specialists, Instructional Specialists, PAR mentors, Advanced Differentiation Specialists, SPED DPFs.

The goals of the collaborative model of professional development will be to better serve schools as the unit of change, to provide common language and practices amongst teacher leaders, at the site level. The content focus of the professional development will be a common coaching model and a common data use process to be used at each site. Each week of the month will support either collaborative time for each specific specialist group or time for common messages to be shared with the group as a whole.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities for Specialists

  • Coaching: pre and post conference cycles
  • Modeling best instructional best practices
  • Lesson and unit planning
  • Leading Professional Development
  • Co-teaching
  • Supporting teachers and ILT with data cycles
  • Supporting SIP areas of focus for specific sites

MPS Specialist Framework and ongoing professional development

  • Specialists will attend bi-weekly professional focused on our Specialist framework:
  • Research-based instructional best practices focused on direct student impact.
  • Culturally responsive teaching practices with a focus on racial equity.
  • Instructional coaching and best practices for adult learning.